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Seagrass | Rustic Green

Production capacity of 450,000 m³/yearly

Theirselves Quarry and site operation covers 250 hectares, and in own factory, which is within the same construction site area.

In quarry, with a production of 35,000 m³(100,000 tons) of block marble

Carries the awareness and responsibility of being unquestionably as the largest producer and supplier of Rustic Green (Seagrass).

Factory, which is located at a 5000 m² closed area

We have a factory with variety of production, thanks to our own raw material.

3 Different color selections

We appeal to high-quantities projects thanks to our advantages such as absence of color selection problems.

The oldest and today the largest producer Of Rustic Green Marble

Gartun Mining, which has been operating in the industry since 1990, is the largest producer of marble known as Rustic Green (seagrass) in the Eflani Region of Karabuk province.
Our quarry and site operation covers 250 hectares, and our factory, which is within the same construction site area, has 5000 square meters of closed space.


Over 34 decades of manufacturer experience…

The production of block marble at Gartun Mining epitomizes a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, where centuries-old techniques seamlessly merge with cutting-edge technology to craft blocks of unparalleled quality.

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Intact, Unique: Rustic Green Marble

Rustic Green (seagrass) marble offers a versatile look for artistic expression, in both its wet and dry forms, offering endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. Whether displayed in a lavish spa or a modern, minimalist interior, this elegant, timeless stone stands out for its suitability for contemporary design schemes dominated by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. As Gartun Mining, we are proud to play a role in bringing this special art to life.

Business Experience
Different Country
The Difference

We Combine Aesthetics texture of Rustic Green With your living spaces…

Our expertise as a the oldest Manufacturer of Seagrass Stone lies in harnessing the unique textures and aesthetics of Rustic Green marble to create bespoke solutions tailored to your individual taste and lifestyle. Whether it's adorning the floors of a luxurious foyer or adding a touch of refinement to your kitchen countertops, our craftsmanship transforms your vision into reality.

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Thanks to 34 decades of expertise in the natural stone industry

We combine of the producing rustic green stone time-honored techniques with modern innovation to deliver distinctive results.

We Produce The Uniqe With Experience

We are happy to be the producer company that comes to mind when it comes to rustic green marble.

We reach out the all globe from Karabük

We deliver our rustic green marble, famous for its durability, all over the world and we are proud that it is used in High-quality projects.

We Turn Ore Into Value

We bring together fascinating ore of the underground with high value thanks to our painstaking labor.

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Intact, Unique: Rustic Green