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Surface Area Application of Rustic Green

Natural stones and marbles, carrying the traces of nature's history, stand out as indispensable choices in decorative designs with their aesthetic appearances, durability, and long lifespans. The surfaces of these valuable stones transform into works of art through special surface area treatments applied to meet stylish design. These processes not only enhance aesthetics but also provide protection against stains, scratches, and weather conditions. The special treatments applied to natural stones and marbles not only enhance their beauty but also increase the safety and functionality of the space they are used in. Especially when marble models are applied on walls, stairs, countertops, or floors and may wear over time, the surface area treatments we apply preserve the natural essence of the stone while enhancing its elegance and sophistication. This ensures that each stone, with the character it gains over time, maintains both its health and aesthetic integrity.


Surface application provides a shiny appearance to the stone while eliminating scratches, stains, etc.


Surface application can enhance the natural stone’s roughness and aesthetics while preventing potential slipping hazards. (The visual depicts honed application on medium selection.)


Surface application is a brushing method that helps to feel the texture of the stone better, creating a 3D texture.


Surface application offers a matte finish, enhancing the durability of the natural stone decor and providing long-term usage.


Surface application is suitable for use in areas such as exterior facades and walkways, with its textured, matte appearance.


Surface application, exclusive to Rustic Green, helps reveal the stone’s fossil structure, providing an aesthetic look.