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Surface area applications in marble are carried out to increase its durability, protect against staining, and emphasize its aesthetic properties. These applications are typically performed for the following reasons:

1. Enhancing Durability: The natural structure of marble can be susceptible to various external factors. Surface area applications make marble more resistant to abrasion, scratching, and impact.

2. Providing Protection Against Staining: Marble is at risk of staining when exposed to acidic liquids or colored substances. Surface applications increase marble’s resistance to stains, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

3. Improving Aesthetics: Surface applications highlight the natural colors and patterns of marble, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and creating a more elegant and captivating appearance in the space.

4. Water Repellency: Some surface applications reduce marble’s water absorption, increasing its resistance to water. This is particularly advantageous in areas with frequent water contact, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Surface area applications are typically selected based on the type of marble and the characteristics of the intended area of use. Professional application extends the lifespan of marble and provides users with a durable and aesthetic surface for an extended period.

5. Glossy Texture: Another significant reason for surface area applications in marble is to maintain the material’s natural gloss or achieve a preferred level of glossiness. These applications enhance marble’s shiny surface, adding brightness and freshness to the space. Additionally, preserving the natural gloss of marble enhances its aesthetic value and creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the space. Therefore, surface area applications are often preferred to optimize the glossiness of marble and achieve a long-lasting aesthetic effect.

6. Surface area applications: in marble also serve the function of filling and correcting micro cracks that may occur on the surface of the material. These cracks can result from usage over time or external factors. Surface area applications ensure that marble has a smooth and uniform surface, providing both aesthetically pleasing appearance and increased durability. This correction process supports the long-term and trouble-free use of marble.